How to use

Register at CTQ

  1. Fill registration form
  2. Submit it
  3. Wait for Email about KYC procedure

Create store

  1. Go to `stores` section in admin panel (
  2. Press `Create new store`

3. Name your store, and press `create` button

4. Store created, but to operate you need to setup derivation scheme for accepted payments

5. Import wallet info

Connect WooCommerce to CTQ

  1. Login to WP admin panel
  2. Go to "Plugins" → "Add new"
  3. Search for: "BTCPay for WooCommerce"
  4. Install it
  5. Go to "WooCommerce" → "Settings"
  6. Go to "Payments" tab

7. Scroll down to payment methods section. You should see BTCPay in a list of supported methods. Press "Set up" button

8. Find API section

9. Put "" to the (1)

10. Visit link (2)

11. Chose store to pair with WP (1)

12. Label your API key at (2)

13. You will see pairing request screen

14. Approve pairing

15. Copy yours pairing code

16. Put pairing code to field at step 8 in WP, and click pair